International Society for Neutron Radiography (ISNR)



The ISNR shall consist of individual members involved in the scientific and educational progress and application of neutron radiography. Some members will be elected or appointed members of a Board, which has the responsibility of meeting the society’s mandate.

2.     MANDATE

The society is to foster and promote actively the field of neutron radiology.
Specifically, the Board
(i) organises a World Conference on Neutron Radiography (WCNR) as a broad, inclusive conference, and an International Topical Meeting on Neutron Radiography (ITMNR) focused on particular topics, each on a nominal four-year interval, with a 2-year spacing in between;
(ii) organizes the voting for the Board at every WCNR;
(iii) maintains an ISNR webpage;
(iv) produces a Neutron Radiography Newsletter periodically;
(v) keeps a Neutron Radiography Directory of Members;
(vi) keeps abreast of developments in this field by undertaking tasks assigned by the Board and reporting on their progress;
(vii) handles nominations for, decides on and awards honorary memberships; and
(viii) undertakes any other activities, as may be proposed and voted.


3.1   Regular

All interested attendees to a WCNR or ITMNR and all others whose application form is submitted in writing to the Secretary and approved by the Board. See By-law 1.

3.2   Honorary

An individual who has made outstanding contributions in the field of neutron radiology throughout his or her career may be awarded Honorary Membership by the Board. The Board will evaluate nominations from ISNR members every two years with the award being presented to the successful nominees at the next WCNR. See By-law 2.

3.3   Fees

No fees exist for Membership. Costs such as Conference and Meeting organization and any other administration shall be covered voluntarily.

4.     BOARD

4.1   Responsibilities

The Board shall be responsible for the mandate of this Society, shall meet at the beginning and before the end of each WCNR and ITMNR as well as communicate on matters between meetings, shall consider motions and vote on proposed changes to this Constitution (by 2/3 majority), and shall consider and vote on other specific proposals, e.g. honorary membership (by simple majority). Most business should be conducted by consensus and not brought to a vote.

4.2   Composition

The Board shall consist of three Officers (President, Vice President & Secretary) and up to thirteen Members. One of these members is the past President and will hold that position until the end of the next WCNR. One of these Members can be selected by the incoming President to assist in organising the next WCNR, may not necessarily be elected and will hold the position until the end of that WCNR. One other of the Board Members has the responsibility to organize the next ITMNR, may not necessarily be elected, as the host of the ITMNR will be selected by the Board, and will hold the position until the end of the next WCNR.

4.3   Election

A general election for the three Officers and ten available Board Member positions shall be organized, held during every WCNR and voted on by the attendees of that WCNR. Their term will last until the end of the next WCNR. For the Board Members, no more than three may be from the country with the most papers at the present WCNR, no more than two may be from the next country, and no more than one may be from each other country. To determine the paper count, only the country of the first author is counted. See By-laws 3, 4 & 5.


5.1   President

The President shall chair the Board meetings and correspond with the Board between meetings, and shall be responsible for and ensure satisfactory organisation of the next WCNR. The President may also select a deputy (Article 6), from the Board members or not, for assistance in organising the next WCNR. The President will organise the voting for the next President by the end of his or her WCNR.

5.2   Vice President

The Vice President should be from a different geographical region than the President as it is intended that the following WCNR will be held there and organised by the Vice President. However, the Vice President may not necessarily be the Chair of the following WCNR, because of the long interval between the present election, the next WCNR, and the following WCNR (nominally, in 8 years time).

5.3   Secretary

The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining an ISNR webpage, producing a Neutron Radiography Newsletter periodically, maintaining contact with ISNR members, adding new Members, keeping a Directory of Members, and publishing the Agenda and recording the Minutes for the ISNR Board meetings.


The ISNR Constitution became operational in June, 1996, and has had several amendments since then, which are now incorporated in this version along with additions to reflect on present activities. This Constitution and its By-Laws may be amended by two-thirds majority of the Board at their meetings. Proposed amendments with reasoning must be submitted in writing to the Secretary two months before the next Board meeting.

7.     BY-LAWS

Details for the operation of the Board and of the Society are attached here as By-Laws to the Constitution. By-Laws may be amended by suggestions from all members passed to any Board member. The Board will consider them and change the By-Laws by consensus or by (2/3) majority vote, for example, if a major change affects the Society by the Constitution.

By-Law 1      Regular Membership

Those wishing to become a member of ISNR shall submit the following information to the Secretary: First & Last Names; Organisation & Department; Full Postal, Email & URL Addresses; and Phone & Fax Numbers. In a brief paragraph, they are to indicate their relation to neutron radiology and explain why they wish to become a member. The Secretary will email the names to the Board members requesting any objections to be returned within two weeks. If none are received, membership is granted.

By-Law 2      Honorary Membership

The Secretary will ask via email to all members for nominations before the Board meeting two years in advance of the next WCNR, which is typically the preceding ITMNR. All submissions should be received by the Secretary two months before this Board meeting. The Secretary will pass the nominations to Board members at least one month before this Board meeting.

At the discretion of the Secretary, this schedule may be altered to allow nominations after the ITMNR Board meeting and before the next WCNR. In such cases, the nominations will be vetted via email communication amongst the Board members. Members wishing to nominate a member must submit their reasons in writing indicating the person’s contribution to neutron radiology.

By-Law 3      Board Membership

The Secretary will ask via email to the members for candidates before the next WCNR. All submissions should be received by the Secretary two months before this Board meeting. Members may nominate another member or put forward their name. The Secretary will pass the nominations to Board members at least one month before this Board meeting.

By-Law 4      Voting for Board Membership

The President will conduct the voting and present the results in front of the full membership at the WCNR. The slate of candidates and ballots will have been prepared by the Secretary. The Secretary will receive and tabulate the ballots with one other Board member present and any observer. If any member handling the ballots is a candidate for re-election, other members will be asked to perform these tasks.

By-Law 5      Office or Board Member Resignation

Resignation should be in writing to the President and the Secretary. A member may be removed for cause by a two-thirds vote of the remaining Board Members.

By-Law 5.1    Officer

If any Officer leaves the Board for any reason, that position should be filled by any Board member willing to assume the vacant position and agreed upon by the remaining Board members.

By-Law 5.2    Board Member

If any Board member leaves the Board for any reason, that position may remain vacant until the next election or be filled with any Regular Member agreed upon by the Board. Candidates who have the highest ranking in the previous election, but did not make the Board, should be considered.

The Constitution and the Guidelines were accepted unanimously by the ISNR-Board, Sunday, 2nd September 2018.


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