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All interested attendees to WCNR.
All others whose application form is submitted by mail and approved by the "Board".

General Election

A general election to elect the Board and also to elect the Officers shall be held amongst those members present on the closing day of each WCNR.


The president shall be responsible for and ensure satisfactory organization of the next WCNR (WCNR N+1).
The President shall chair the Board and shall preside over WCNR N+1.
Immediately after election the President shall appoint a deputy with whom to work together in preparing the next WCNR.

Vice President

Shall be from a different geographical region and shall assist in identifying candidates for election to President at WCNR N+1 in order to host WCNR N+2.
Note, however, that because of the long 6 or 8 year interval likely before WCNR N+2 the elected Vice President is not automatically President Elect for WCNR N+2.

The Board (function)

Shall replace the provisional steering committee.
Shall serve until close of next WCNR and meet the day before that WCNR.
Shall organize and supervise the next general election.
Shall motion and vote on changes to constitution (2/3 majority).
Shall motion and vote on other specific proposals (simple majority).

Operation of Constitution

This constitution has become operational since June, 1996.

1. Amendment

In addition to promoting the WCNR series, the ISNR board shall promote and coordinate scheduling of the ITMNR series that serves the similar international neutron radiography community. (29.07.2004)

2. Amendment

For determining the paper count each country represented on the paper will be counted once, regardless of the number of authors from each country. (18.10.2006)

3. Amendment

The ISNR-board awards honorary membership to nominated individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the field of Neutron Radiology throughout their career.
Nominations from ISNR members will be evaluated by the ISNR-board once every 2 years and the honorary membership award will be presented to the successful nominees at the next WCNR. (26.11.2009)


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