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Harold (Harry) Berger is an applied physicist whose experience includes work, primarily in the field of nondestructive evaluation (NDE), with x-rays, gamma rays, neutrons, protons, infrared and ultrasound. His work with neutrons encompasses developments in neutron imaging, with film (direct and transfer methods), thermoluminescence, track-etch, image intensifier techniques and ionography. In the early 1960's he and his colleagues at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) set up routine neutron radiographic transfer methods to inspect highly radioactive reactor components, a technique still used at nuclear centers. He and Dr. Gerold H. Tenney of Los Alamos National Lab arranged a 6-paper technical session on neutron radiography at the 1964 Fall Conference of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) in Philadelphia. Prof. Hartmut Kallmann, whose 1930's work on neutron radiography in Germany set the stage for later developments, attended the session at Berger's invitation. Prof. Kallmann, then of New York University, attended the session and contributed to the discussion. In response to the NR session discussion, Berger initiated the Neutron Radiography Newsletter in November, 1964 and served as Editor for the biannual Newsletter until the late 1960's, when Dr. John Barton took over the Editor position. Berger founded Industrial Quality, Inc. (IQI) in 1981 and served as President during the R&D company's 20 year run. As former Chief of the Office of Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) at the National Bureau of Standards (NBS, now the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST), Berger initiated and directed the extensive NDE program at NBS (1975-1981). Before going to NBS in 1973 to set up a program in neutron radiography at the NBS reactor, Berger was a Senior Physicist and Leader of the NDE Group at ANL (1960-1973). He spent a sabbatical year from ANL working on fast neutron radiography at the Centre d'Etudes Nucleaire in Grenoble, France (1968-69) and as a Lecturer at the University of Grenoble. Earlier professional experience was with the General Electric Company (1951-1959) and Battelle Memorial Institute (1959-1960), working primarily on solid state detectors for x-rays and light. He currently is a consultant for the Digitome Corporation, working on volumetric x-ray imaging. Berger has B.S. (1949) and M.S.(1951) degrees in Physics from Syracuse University. He holds 12 U.S. patents and his technical publications number more than 200, including his 1965 book on neutron radiography (Elsevier), three ASTM books as Editor (including ASTM STP 586, "Practical Applications of Neutron Radiography and Gaging", the proceedings of an NR conference Berger organized at NBS, February, 1975) and more than 30 book and encyclopedia articles. Berger served as the first Technical Editor of the ASNT journal, Materials Evaluation, from 1969 until 1986. Honors include the rank of Fellow from the American Nuclear Society (ANS), ASNT, ASTM and the British Institute of NDT (BINDT) and as an Honorary Member of the Canadian Institute for NDE.  He also has additional awards from ANS, ASNT, ASTM, BINDT and the U.S. Department of Commerce. He was a Fellow-by-Courtesy at Johns Hopkins University Department of Materials Science & Engineering, 1986-2003. Berger presented the invited plenary paper at the International Topical Meeting on Neutron Radiography at Penn State University (June, 2001). He was a member of teams, whose work resulted in two "best products of the year" awards, the R&D-100 award (1965 for a operational neutron image intensifier and 1991 for a high density glass x-ray scintillator). Berger was a registered Professional Engineer (Quality Engineering) for more than 20 years.


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