International Society for Neutron Radiography (ISNR)

At the 2014 ISNR board meeting it was decided to establish Task Groups working on specific topics being of general interest for the neutron radiology community represented by ISNR.

Actually there are nine Task Groups operating each convened by a board member. The conveners select appropriate collaborators and are responsible for effective and successful work on their tasks. The results of the working groups are presented the board of members and after approval to the members via the ISNR web page, the NR Newsletter and conferences organized by ISNR. If necessary the results of the task groups are due to approval to the members being present at the next WCNR.

Actual task groups:

Topic                       Convener
Terminology Markus Strobl
Characterization and standardization Nikolay Kardjilov
Contact to other organisations Christian Grünzweig
Promoting young scientists and technicians DongFeng Chen
NR Newsletter Thomas Bücherl
ISNR web page Thomas Bücherl
Publications Winfried Kockelmann
Small or low cost systems Eberhard Lehmann
Computational imaging Anders Kaestner


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