International Society for Neutron Radiography (ISNR)

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As a first step we are now forming our organizational committee and start to distribute first tasks. I am already in contact with professional conference organizers and started to work on potential venues in collaboration with Business Event Sydney. The main task to agree on a final venue is now mainly driven by me and Joseph Bevitt (deputy). The decision will be made by end of this year. We still have in mind the large number of contributions at the last WCNR-10 in Grindelwald and we would like to accommodate the option of parallel sessions if required. The neutron radiography and imaging community is still growing and will hopefully grow even more over the next 4 years, which makes the setup for parallel session unavoidable. There are further announcements planned on the progress we made through the ISNR newsletter and conferences like NEUWAVE and XNPIG2015 in the near future.

In addition I plan to organize a workshop similar to the ITMNR-7 one. I experienced the idea of gathering in a location without any potential escape was excellent for developing new ideas and networking. Australia has plenty of these locations to offer and I am sure we will find an adequate venue.

I am looking forward to see you all in Australia in 2018, but if you can’t wait we have a running instrument and looking for proposals twice a year.

Ulf Garbe


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