International Society for Neutron Radiography (ISNR)

country site institution facility neutron source  

power [MW]  

 Argentina  Bariloche  CNEA  imaging beamline  RA6 reactor  thermal  1  operational
Australia Sydney ANSTO DINGO OPAL reactor thermal 20 operational
Germany Munich-Garching   TU München ANTARES FRM 2 cold 20 operational
Germany Munich-Garching TU München NECTAR FRM 2 fission/thermal/gamma 20 operational
Germany Berlin HZB CONRAD BER-2 cold 10 operational
Hungary Budapest BNC RAD WWS-M reactor thermal 10 operational
Hungary Budapest BNC NORMA WWS-M reactor cold 10 operational
Japan Kyoto Kyoto University   imaging beamline MTR reactor thermal 5 standby
Japan Tokai JAEA imaging beamline JRR-3M reactor thermal 20 standby
Japan Tokai JAEA RADEN JPARC spallation   cold 0.3 operational
Korea Daejon KAERI imaging beamline HANARO reactor thermal 30 operational
Switzerland    Villigen PSI NEUTRA SINQ spallation thermal 1 operational
Switzerland Villigen PSI ICON SINQ spallation cold 1 operational
United Kingdom Harwell Science and Technology Facilities Concil IMAT ISIS TS2 cold 0.05 operational
USA Gaithersburg NIST BT-2 NBSR reactor thermal 20 operational
USA Sacramento UC Davis imaging beamline TRIGA reactor thermal 2 operational
USA Oak Ridge ORNL



HFIR reactor cold 85 operational
South Africa Pelindaba NECSA SANRAD SAFARI reactor thermal 20 upgrade


We tried to give a complete overview on all actually operating user facilities for neutron radiology as far as known to us, but no guarantee can be taken for completeness. If you have information on user facilities not listed please contact the ISNR secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).




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