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The 8th International Topical Meeting on Neutron Radiography (ITMNR-8) was held at Peking University (PKU), Beijing, China, on September 4-8, 2016. It followed the traditions of previous ITMNRs and was focused on "Neutron Imaging for Applications in Idustrya and Science".

The successful meeting was attended by 114 registered participants, 70 coming from outside of China from more than 20 different countries. In total 60 oral presentations of consistently very high quality on the topics industrial applications, scientific applications, softeware and simulation, facilities and instrumentation, and (new) methods in Neutron Imaging (NI) were presented. The applicability of NI not only for non-destructuve characterization of materials but also as a valuable, if not even a unique tool to solve top scientific questions was impressively demonstrated by some presentations, e. g. by diffraction imaging of Skyrmion nucleation, and by neutron depolarization imaging of weak ferromagnets, respectively.

The oral presentations were supplemented by 54 poster presentations of remarkably high quality in content and layout, both.

Conference photo

During the meeting optional laboratory tours to PKUNIFTY and to the China Advanced Research Reactor (CARR) were arranged and accepted by a large number of participants. The ISNR Board of Members used the ITMNR-8 for two meetings. A two-day Review Workshop taking place after the meeting was attended by 12 participants.

Preliminary to ITMNR-8 a one-day Neutron Imaging School for the young scientists and PhD students was organized and attended by 60


Participants and lecturers of the Neutron Imaging school

The ITMNR-8 was a successful and outstandingly well organized meeting. We would like to thank the organizers, just to name Zhiyu Guo and DongFeng Chen as representatives of their teams, for their large efforts and the great hospitality all participants enjoyed.


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