In 2014 NEUWAVE-6 returned back to Garching where 42 experts from 13 countries were discussing actual developments and new plans for the future in energy-dependent neutron imaging.

In 2008 when plans for setting-up instrumentation at neutron spallation sources became more concrete, the knowledge on the energy-dependent effects on neutron imaging was quite limited. Scientists of the FRM II around Burkhard Schillinger organized a first workshop allowing scientists from all over the world to discuss scientific instruments and methods using time-of-flight as well as other energy selective methods.

Originally the workshop was intended to be a single event. But due to its success it took place nearly every year in another country. NEUWAVE (NEUtron WAVElength-dependent imaging) contributed essentially to establish projects for neutron imaging like IMAT at ISIS (UK), RADEN at J-PARC (Japan), VENUS at SNS (USA) and ODIN at ESS (Sweden). Furthermore the NEUWAVE series resulted in the development a large amount of today's knowledge on energy-dependent neutron imaging.

On the last day of NEUWAVE-6 the participants visited the rebuild ANTARES facility at FRM II with its velocity selector and double-crystal-monochromator for energy resolved measurements using thermal and cold neutrons. At the NECTAR facility measurements fission neutron imaging is available, too.

NEUWAVE-7 will take place at J-PARC (Japan) in 2015 and at ISIS (UK) in 2016 celebrating the inauguration of the new instruments RADEN and IMAT, respectively.

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